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Supermarket Eats provides reviews of “better for you” foods that can be found in grocery stores. Whether it’s high protein, high fiber, low fat, low in sugar or all natural – we eat it and review it. And by “we” I mean “me”- Tanya Patrice.

The Editor

Tanya Patrice at Girlxoxo.comI’ve studied Food Science (and Nutrition) for many years and now work in corporate Quality at a major food company. Supermarket Eats is my passion project where I discuss supermarket finds that are marketed as a “better for you” food choice. I’m not a nutritionist (nor an armchair scientist) so the focus is mainly on the taste, packaging, if it’s worth the calories – and the price!


My employer is not affiliated with this website and all opinions & words written are my own. I do not accept food products to review or giveaway, nor monetary compensation or sponsorship from food companies. I am however, happy to read your press releases about new products coming to market.

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